Apraos Bay Hotel Corfu
49 100 Kassiopi Corfu island - Greece Tel: +30 26630 98004 - Fax: +30 26630 98137   E-mail: apraos@otenet.gr
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Corfu island

Situated in the western North of Continental Greece, the most green islands of Greece, where the mountainous horizon dives into blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

It is the legendary island of Phéaciens in the Odyssey, last stage of Ulysses during its journey of return towards Ithaca .

The incomparable beauty of Corfu island, which sometimes appears under other names, attracted of any time numerous conquerors. She inspired as well artists of any kind, who praised her charms by the literature and the music, or expressed them by the painting, the sculpture, the carving, spreading its good name to a wide public during the centuries.